Anything You Might Want

Anjali Sachdeva

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Oh, well, this was like a Hollywood movie. It starts with Michael playing with Gina’s hair as he recounts how he ended up owing fifty thousand dollars to her father, a wealthy man who runs a mine.

Gina has been showered with everything she’s wanted. She works at a nearby store to earn herself some time from her obnoxious father, who is tough, controlling and what not. He brags about his contract wins at dinner, goes to the bar and gambles… He gives his daughters everything they ask for, except freedom. And freedom is all she wants.

One day, the daughters go for a swim in a lake, and Gina ends up getting her clothes stolen by… you guessed it! The other men who were part of the prank recognise her, except Michael. When one of them tells Michael about it, the smile on his lips vanishes, too. However, Gina is smitten by him. She bumps into him every now and then in the small town and falls in love with him.

And one day, she tells him what she feels. And she decides to leave home. They embark on their journey to she has no idea where, but that’s the fun! Their reaching Florida is the pivot that leads her to find friends, understand life better, and ultimately, tells her why her dad was the way he was.

This story is about making choices in life, about decisions, about misunderstandings, and also, more importantly, about leverage.

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