Birds of Paradise

Rania Mamoun, translated from Arabic by Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

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Started as a reaction to Trump’s “travel ban”, Banthology is a collection of stories from the countries that were part of the “ban list”. I chanced upon this story on Lit Hub, today. As it turns out, this story is also a little about travel bans!

The author writes this story in the first person. She’s at the airport lounge, and has been there for what seems like a few days now. As is the case with airport lounges, once you’re inside, no one asks you to leave (unless you create a big ruckus, of course). That’s the case with the protagonist of the story.

Travelling has been a dream for the author (let’s use author instead of “protagonist”—much easier this way). She’s been fascinated about free flying since her childhood, when planes spraying pesticides caught her fancy. Ever since, she’s wanted to fly, and has wished to have been born as a colourful bird.

During her childhood, once she decided to go out on her own. When she got back home, her brother thrashed her for going out without him accompanying her. Later, when she wanted to go out of the town to study, her brother objected to that as well. She wishes to leave all of it and go out in search for freedom. And this story is all about that, and a little more. Read Birds of Paradise on Lit Hub for yourself to find out more!

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