Chubby Minutes

Leopoldine Core

Read time: a minute

The protagonist meets a man she is deeply attracted to in a shopping center. He has come there with his daughter. They greet each other and after a small talk they say goodbye.

The meeting stays with the woman though. She wants to just sleep with him once. Sleeping once may not be enough. She may have to do it against. Out of the obligation she may just confession her love to him. But will he fall in love with her? Maybe he would initially. But slowly he will realise that she does not know how to drive. She cannot give directions to strangers. She has ugly scars in her body. She is not cleanliness freak, quite the opposite actually.

She thinks that certainly if he loved her, it would be because he didn’t really know her. It would be because she was hiding certain hideous qualities.

Thoughts of insufficiency is running in her mind throughout. She has convinced herself that no-one could love her. I loved the story because it talks about the fears we all have inside ourselves. The feeling that we are not good enough for those around us and hence incapable of finding love.

The author weaves magic with words.

She rolls onto her side. With one ear pressed to the pillow she can hear her heart beating. The more aware of it she becomes, the louder it gets. And time is waddling by. The minutes are chubby and endless.

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