Conflict Zone Date

Khulud Khamis

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Thanks to social media we are now much closer to authors than ever before. While some still choose to not be seen on social media, some are actively advocating matters they feel strongly about.

I first read about Khulud’s work on social media and have been following her ever since. She is a fierce advocate of feminism, equality and peace.

When she posted on her Instagram about two stories that she’s willing to send to enthusiastic readers, I was more than happy to grab the opportunity.

I read both the stories: Conflict zone date and The unspeakable act.

Today I’d like to talk about Conflict zone date.

Set in Haifa, it is the story of Saleh and Maya.

Saleh is a Palestinian, and Maya is a Jew. They share a workspace and everyone around them thinks they have a strong undercurrent of something brewing between them.

Saleh could never act on it because he feels it’s a betrayal to his faith and beliefs. But where would it lead them if he just gave it a shot? Maya is friendly and seems to like Saleh just as much.

The story is crisp and precise—highlighting the difference that makes all the difference. Religious differences here are not so much about a difference in faith but it goes back to all the hurt and grief one set of people have levied on another.

The lives of simpletons is heavily influenced by the ones destroying lives, homes and countries by instigating wars in the name of religion and such, and this story is a small pointer towards what it’s doing to us as people.

I really enjoyed reading the story and if you are looking for something light and sweet—do check this one out.

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