Happy New Year

Ajeet Cour, translated from Punjabi by Khushwant Singh

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When I read the title, I didn’t imagine the story would be about a government official. The story starts with Kapoor being promoted to the post of Personal Assistant to the Minister. Kapoor is a little surprised by the move and at the same time, is proud of his new role.

However, as is the norm—the suggestive smooth talks and double entendre common in the system, Gupta, the typist invites himself to Kapoor’s house for the New Year’s party. Kapoor has no choice but to agree, because Vashisht saw what Kapoor received from the businessman (a bottle of Scotch).

The story is about this man, Kapoor, who’s new to the scene of being an “important man” in the Ministry; about his wife and children who are not used to this new scene but are expected to play their roles just because the man of the house has been crippled by the system—ripped off of his spine—and is unsure what exactly he feels about the latest development.

I liked how different aspects of the situation have been brought out by the author. This story is part of Our Favourite Indian Stories.

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