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Oh wow! This particular story is based in a completely different kind of setting. You are going to love listening to this one!

The story is about Nora. Nora was recently widowed when her husband suddenly passed away due to a clot in his lungs. No one knows when the clot developed.

Nora is but a woman of 19. She is married young and faced a great loss. Her parents and others asked her to move on. There is still life. But she wants to be there for her mother-in-law in this difficult time.

Then one day she sees her mother-in-law gathering the bones of different animals and leaving them around places. Then it starts happening often. She is suspicious in the beginning but if it brings her husband back then it could not be a bad thing.

Then one day the husband returns. Covered in dirt, finger-nails cut abruptly. Nora gives him a bath and welcomes him home. But there was one problem. Her husband cannot speak. He talks in mono-syllables. However, every time he speaks a pain erupts in Nora’s body.

Except, when he arched back his head, mouth open, and let out a one-syllabled word, there was a sharp pain in the roof of her mouth. She rolled out from under him. He lay back, one hand under his head, sweat on his forehead and neck.

Nora finds a solution though.

She told him she didn’t care. Turned the light out so he couldn’t see what was happening to her. Gripped him by the wrist and told him what to do.

She maps each syllable and measures each pain. She knows each vowel and consonants.

This is a story of self-inflicted pain. A test of pain bearing. How much and to what extent.

There is an important ending to the story as well. Go ahead and read Language on Lithub. You are going to love it!

Join in for fun as we read only women author this month. Share stories that you would want us to read! Actually, read along with us!

Happy women’s month!

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