Passing Through

Tatyana Tolstaya, translated by Anya Migdal

Read time: less than a minute

I’ve not been a big fan of fantasy. That’s one of the reasons I’ve not read Harry Potter. (Yes, I’m one of those humans alive.) The reason, I think, is that fantasy is something I cannot personally connect to. But when I picked up this story today, I didn’t realise it was fantasy. I didn’t even read the title properly: just the synopsis.

Tatyana Tolstaya, in this story, starts with things that go missing. Socks, especially. She then tries to analyse what causes these disappearances. She gives three ways of looking at it. And then, moves on to describing her home and how she manages the socks. I know, right?

One fine day, when she returns home, she finds a small crystal ball and a small dagger-like thing. And she wonders how they got there—in a locked house!

Read Passing Through on Lit Hub to find out what she thinks! This story is one among the eighteen in the book, Aetherial Worlds, which is her work translated into English from Russian.

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Aetherial Worlds

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