Stray City

Chelsey Johnson

Read time: less than a minute

Hmm… what do I feel about this story? Honestly, this is not a topic that interests me: a girl who just joined college, who’s pretending to be Momma’s girl, but is an entirely different person—a rebel. She doesn’t like going to the church but goes just coz Mom says she should. Wears the sweaters her mother knit coz her mother likes it.

But I enjoyed reading the story. Just for the way it’s been written: the style. This story is a chapter from the novel of the same name. It’s about a Midwestern girl, Andrea, whose mother is a staunch Catholic. Andrea has been raised a Catholic, but isn’t a big fan of the ideology her family follows.

She falls in love with Vivian, and her mother finds out. Lesbianism is a sin in Catholicism. She leaves home and…

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Stray City

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