The Closing Door

Rose Tremain

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The title ‘The Closing Door’ could mean so much in the story. The symbolism is epic!

The story is about a mother and a child at the railway station going through a separation. Marjorie is a war widow. She lost her husband in the last week of the war. Since then she and her daughter have been living dependent on each other for moral and emotional support. So when Timothy’s parents suggest that her daughter needs a good education from the boarding school it broke Marjorie’s heart to think of her daughter away from her. But she concedes thinking it is probably for the best.

Children only learned to become responsible adults, they believed, if you sent them away from home. No matter if these children suffered a bit. Who in the world had not suffered?

Marjorie manages to shove her weeping daughter into the train. As the train leaves Marjorie finds other women extremely jovial after bidding goodbyes to their children as if their life is blossoming again finally. Marjorie intends to find what makes these women so happy. What is it that she is missing in her life? She follows them for a while to realise they have nothing significant in their lives.

But she did not get off. She thought, if I see where they live then, probably, I will know. Then, I will get some picture of the life their children prevent them from living. I will understand what it is- by loving Patience so desperately- I’ve missed and might one day have.

There is a beautifully heartbreaking end to the story that I will not talk about here. Read the story to understand the tsunami of emotions it carries.

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