The Toymaker and His Wife

Joanne Harris

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This story is creepy! I have never read anything like this before.

This is a fantastical story about this toymaker who had married for love but eventually fell out of it. His time was consumed by the toys that he made. He could make toy birds that would sing sweetly and doll houses so beautiful that they looked real. He saw perfection in his work.

His life was perfect except for his wife. He no longer loved her. He only saw the imperfection in her. But he started correcting each imperfection till she was perfect again.

A new headful of hair was made and stitched on her scalp so that her grey hair became unnoticeable. The unruly tongue was cut and replaced by a mechanical one. She speech was precise now. Then were replaced the eyes, then the hands and slowly the body parts were all replaced.

His wife was still never perfect until he opened her to see that the heart was broken.

But she didn’t need the heart anymore, did she?

This story looks like it is meant as a moral lesson but it is plain creepy! I have never read anything by the author before but I think I will pick up something by her very soon! She has vivid imagination and her craft of story telling is beyond appreciation!

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