Linda Sexson

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This is a peculiar story. It is Robert’s birthday. The birthday boy is waiting for his mother’s best friends’ arrival. They arrive, oh yes! They arrive looking like a swans in the plane of the earth.

They enter the house and present the cake and presents to the boy. Then it is time for a story. Louis Dear begins with a story of an emperor who had no skin. The emperor is very upset. He tries to solve the riddle of no skin but fails every time.

At last he decides that he will only marry a woman who could solve the riddle of the absence of skin. Princesses after princesses arrive but it is all fruitless. Then comes a princesses who presents the skin of her biggest and most favourite dog to the emperor.

The skin is liked very much by the emperor and he marries the princess. Robert is asked to find the meaning of this riddle.

The smart child actually does solve it. Read the story to find out how. Clue: look into yourself before you marry someone!

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