Underbush Man

Margaret Atwood

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Margaret Atwood has been one of my most read female authors. I absolutely loved her dystopian ‘Handmade’s Tale’ and historical fiction/mystery ‘Alias Grace’.

Atwood has a typical narration style and her plots are spun like a magic. I usually read smaller fiction before I get to their thicker books but it is completely different for Atwood.

Underbush Man is one of the stories from the Guardian Review’s compilations of short stories. It is sweet story about this woman who has split with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend left her for another woman. Justifiable mopping and laziness covers the first part of the story. The author describes the psychology of the girl with her signature narration style.

But the story is not sad throughout. There is a slight hope in the story. It is open ended, therefore left for reader’s imagination.

There are some beautiful lines in the story that describe the situation and psychology which when quoted feels rather awkward.

I absolutely loved this story and wish to read more from Atwood soon.

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