Winter kept us Warm

Anne Raeff

Read time: less than a minute

We’ve been travelling different places thanks to #365stories. Today, we go to Germany in the post-WWII era. This is the time when the war has ended and there are American soldiers all around in Berlin, waiting to go back home.

Ulli is a young woman who starts working at the bar. She meets a few soldiers herself, and decides to date them. However, she undergoes some unpleasant experiences and decides to stop, and instead, “hook up” other girls looking for a “homesick boy from Maine”. She becomes a translator.

One day, she is offered a drink from a couple of soldiers who visit the bar, but are hardly interested in the girls there. This story is a small excerpt from the novel, Winter Kept us Warm. Does this story intrigue me enough to read the novel? I’m not sure. Find out if it intrigues you; read the story on Lit Hub.

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