Vijai Dan Detha, translated from Rajasthani by Christi Ann Merrill

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An amusing story, this one. It’s not often these days that you get to read about the battle of wits between men and God. It seems as though that was something we left behind in our childhood. When I read the name of the story, I wasn’t super-excited to read it, but I did—the title is unusual, I thought. But I’m glad I read it.

This story is of a priest of a temple of the Goddess. He’s had a rough life. And he’s no smoother to people around him either. He’s poor and lives off of the food offered to the Goddess as prasād. But one day, he decides to destroy the Goddess’ statue, and burn the temple to show everybody in the village that the Goddess is no good: She doesn’t protect her bhaktas.

The night arrives and he forgets about it. His wife reminds him about his plan. He picks a hammer and walks to the temple. There, he calls out to the Goddess to appear before him. And She obliges—She has to, doesn’t She; her reputation is at stake!

A little battle of words happens when the Goddess agrees to grant his wish, and he asks the Goddess for Her jewels. Of course She doesn’t want to part with them. So She asks him to ask for anything else.

He knows the Goddess is going to play a trick, and She knows he’s no dumb fellow. She grants him a wish that would change his life for good.

It’s a truly amusing story, worth a read. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and read the story! It’s part of Our Favourite Indian Stories. Like we say, read along with us for fun! What’s more, you could even suggest short stories that you’d like us to read.

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