Death of an Indian

Kishori Charan Das

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This story is about, ostensibly, an official in the Indian Embassy in the US. This man has just landed in New York, and is still getting used to the new world. His wife and children still haven’t gotten comfortable with the new land.

It starts snowing one fateful day, and they’re stuck indoors. His wife and children ask him to take them to a sale. He tries to reason with them that it isn’t just not advisable to step out in the snow, but outright dangerous!

While he stands at the window appreciating the snowfall, he receives a phone call that an Indian has died. He agrees to go to the funeral, where he meets a few of his colleagues and also meets the widow who, even during that difficult time, remains composed.

The story is about how we Indians behave when overseas, what goes on in our minds, how we unite with just that one link of our common origin (and how we don’t, here). It’s about families, priorities and tough decisions.

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