Sukhe Sawan

Zamiruddin Ahmad, translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon

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Sukhe sawan in English literally means dry rainy seasons. As the rains are associated with love and romance in the subcontinent, the dryness means the lack of it.

This story is of a woman who has recently bid goodbye to her daughter and the son-in-law. She wakes up familiarising herself with her body. She is a devout Muslim but with desires of her own. She wants to own it at one instant and is shamed by it on another.

She understands the need of a man in her life but she only recollects the good life she had with her husband. How he would make her laugh, tease and eroticise her. However, he is not hear anymore. She is thirsty for the love but it never rains. Or is she keeping herself from the pour.

‘What innocence! What naïveté!’ He’d said. ‘As if Father and Mother have no idea what we’re up to!’

There is a lot of symbolism in the story. I enjoyed reading this particular story for its unashamed ownership of female sexuality.

This collection is turning out to be super amazing. Just a few more stories remaining till I finish it!

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