Why Willows Weep

Salley Vickers

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This one tells us the tale of the trees before humans came into existence. It begins like this:

Long ago, when the world was still quite young, the trees and plants rules all living things. I say ‘ruled’ but there was no need then for rules; rather they were caretakers of creation as it emerged out of that obscure and uncharted place from which what is called ‘creation’ emerged.

Soon came the birds and the dinosaurs. Humankind took its time but it came into existence too. It learnt to feed itself, make wheel and transport itself. Started making habitats and thus the greed kept growing. So everytime the Willow tree saw something unjust being done he sighed.

Soon, a female human heard the sigh as spoke to the willow tree.

‘Tell me, why do you sigh?’

‘I sigh at the sight of humankind’s wrongdoings.’

She soon learnt the art of sighing to stem the harm done. She learnt to sigh but the willow lost its gift. Now it could only bend its head and weep.

And that is why the willow weeps!

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

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