Wings of a Silent Wish

Dinkar Joshi, translated from Gujarati by Neelam Kumar and Taral Prakash

Read time: a minute

I was excited to pick up this story because it was originally written in one of the languages that’s close to my heart. However, I somehow did not like the story. I’m not sure if this was because of the way it was translated, but I did not like this story at all.

The story is about a man nearing fifty. Cardiac issues run in his family, and given that all of his uncles and father himself died in their fifties, Ketanbhai knows that his end is not too far away.

While he’s thinking about his children, who are now old enough to run their families, he thinks what would happen if he died. He looks at a bundle of letters he’s received from Seema.

Seema and Ketan have been corresponding for a while—they’ve not met each other much. However, that hasn’t affected their relationship much. This time around, Ketan decides to destroy all the letters, because, “what would the society think” of him; what would they say when he dies and the letters are found?

They decide to meet up and destroy the letters together.

The story is about unrequited love, of finding love elsewhere, and not knowing what to do about it. But no, I did not like the execution here.

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