by Keigo Higashino

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There was a time when I was way too inquisitive to find a good book to read. I read reviews on Goodreads, read reviews on instagram and blogs of fellow book bloggers. I read everywhere to find a read that would get me out of the reading slump that I was under. I bought all those books and more, and it has taken me days, months and over two years to even read half of them (blame it on my slow reading speed if you will!) This book was on such purchase.

Cover: Malice

Cover page

This cover is a predominantly white one with a red spine and red and black lettering adorning it. There are branches of a cherry blossom overlaid with a splatter of blood. This cover is quite pleasant (yes, even with the blood on it!) and one of the first things that grabbed my attention.


Famed writer Hidaka lives with his second wife. After many successful novels he decides to relocate to another Country. Osamu Nonoguchi is his friend who finds his dead body just before the move. Kaga, who also happens to be an ex colleague of Nonoguchi is now an officer, and is investigating the death of Hidaka.


Hidaka is a famed author with a few loved novels to his credit. He decides to move to Vancouver with his wife. Just before their move, Hidaka is found dead by his friend Nonoguchi and wife. Kaga is the lead investigator of the case, and suspects Nonoguchi. He realises there is more to him than meets the eye. The deeper he digs, the more he unearths about the friendship of the two writers and about Nonoguchi himself. This book is NOT about who did it, but why. Nonoguchi is fascinated by the investigation and decides to document it in written format. But is this documentation a real guiding light or meant to throw Kaga off the trail? This is one of those books where the writing plays a very important role.


It is a book that has been translated and not amazing or anything outstanding in terms of the language. It is simple and does the job.

Good points

The plot of the book is brilliant! I love how the Author has used writing as his protagonist, books as his characters and woven this intricate story around them. There are twists and turns and just as you might assume that you know where it’s heading, you are thrown off again. It was gripping right from the start to the very last page.

Bad points

There is nothing that I could mention here. A total winner for me.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Right from the plot, the character building, the climax and the end—everything was perfect.

Whom do I recommend this to

Higashino is one of the most loved Asian Authors for a reason. Reading this book will throw light on why he is as famous as he is! His writing style is truly something! A gem for the ones who enjoy thrillers.

Go ahead, grab yourself a copy of Malice and tell us what you think about the book! If you are a Kindle person, ensure to select the Kindle edition of the book.


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