Roll of the Dice

Nayana Addarkar, translated from Konkani by Xavier Cota

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When the lights on the railway overbridge came on, some activity began in the hutments below the bridge. Women began to drag themselves out of the occasional hut, getting ready to deck themselves up for the night ahead.

This is how Zaitun spent her nights. She worked as a prostitute to feed two mouths. In the story she recalls her life with Hussain. They were madly in love with each other but when Hussain realised she was pregnant he brought her to Goa and left her there. With a swollen belly she was not fit to work. But men didn’t mind savouring her.

Cover: Roll of the Dice

So after days of staying hungry she finally gave up and entered the life of prostitution. She realised it was less painful than hungry stomach. She slowly learnt the language of the surrounding and now was a professional.

Then one fine day she meets a young man. While in the act her maternal instincts kick in and an accident occurs.

It is a ghastly portrayal of the life that Zaitun has to lead and an unintentional accident that may show how human mind is trained to behave. This is a very simple story. A good read.

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