The Letters

Modhurima Sinha

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This is a very simple story of a woman who has just lost her father. She is emptying his room, dejected after she has lost a battle to save her old ancestoral house. While emptying the room she finds some love letters that her father had written to a woman in Bengali but never seem to post it to her. Curious, Leela forces her maid to spill. What she finds is a beautiful love story beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Leela’s father was in love with a prostitute. He brings her out of the sad place she lived in, bought her a home and gave her a new life. They often wrote love letters to each other but neither could understand each other’s language. So they wrote letters to each other, read out to each other and kept them with themselves in a box. It was a sweet relation where each one was reminded of their own feeling towards the other person.

Cover: The Letters

‘I cannot read Bengali. So Gouri would write them, read them out to me and take them back. He would explain.

‘You never wrote a letter to him?’

Nuzhat Begum looked up. ‘Many. In Urdu. Then I explained them to him and kept them in a box.’

The story is very simple and sweet. It is a feel good story that I loved.

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