Meraki Post’s journey has been nothing less than magical for us. Like a five-year-old gaping at meteor showers raining down, as he slowly wakes up in the middle of a breezy night, under the open sky, with nothing but a cashmere shawl wrapped around his shoulders.

For a person who has the attention span of a gold fish and a heart of an evasive lover, five years seem like an unusually long commitment; from A Cup of Coffee and a Fairytale to Meraki Post. But as they say, ‘Love moves mountains, toh insaan ki kya aukat.’ I am not going Gulzar all over here. All I want to say is, love for reading is what makes us, us.

The affair with reading dates back decades (two, to be precise), when the train journeys to my grandmother’s used to begin with my father buying me Champak and Nandan. Two and a half days in the train would slide by dreaming about smart bears and cunning foxes! The gift of listening was handed over by grandfather and the elixir of reading by his son. This blog has been consistent and improved upon by me with a lot of coaxing and inputs by the Mister himself. So I have the men in my life a lot to thank for.

From the men in my life to The Man, Mr Ram Iyer. When I met Ram, he, frankly, came across as a snob. After I met him the third time it was etched in stone! Ram is the guy who will haunt you till perfection. He is the one who asks for diamonds and knows it from glass pieces. He is the guy who has transformed Meraki Post to what it is now. When we were content with the moon he believed we could reach the stars. Thanks Ram! You may be a pain at times but I am glad I met you!

Pooja is a friend you need when you know your life sucks; only so she can make you feel more horrible about it! When we first met, she was confident and her mannerisms, polished. We were both readers, we broke the ice with discussions over books. Pooja could make you feel horrible for your reading choices without any efforts on her own. When I read average Indian books, she flaunted Hemingway. When I read a sappy romance, she spoke about The Picture of Dorian Gray. She gives me serious goals that I can only hope to keep up with!

Every group has one person you envy. Gazala is that one person for us! She is the lady with more books than I can dream of, and an overflowing bookshelf that needs more nails than it needs wood, to keep it together. Gazala is that cheerer who loves life and guess what, it is infectious. She is the sassy girl from rom-coms who makes the guy, sending a wine glass your way, look for a hideout to escape her witty remarks. She is wit, good humour, and elegance packed in one. Easy breezy!

Friends we meet along the way shape our soul. I am blessed to have met all these racoons! And together, we’re Meraki Post.