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On India

by Khushwant Singh

I had known Khushwant Singh largely for his work ‘A Train to Pakistan’. This work of essays came as a wonderful surprise to me. Therefore, when the publishers offered to send me the book I grabbed the opportunity immediately. This is my first book by Singh and I am definitely inclined to pick more from him. Follow Cover page On the cover, we see the author himself and the title. There is nothing magical about... continue reading→

cover: On India

Gerald’s Game

on Netflix

I was damn excited for this! Really excited! The trailer had me. And that’s when I decided to read the book before the movie came out. That’s how I practice it. Or at least try to. It was my first ever fiction by Stephen King. I had read a book ‘On Writing’ in which he gives some tips on writing (of course!). He has some particular dos and don’ts. That makes you want to pick... continue reading→

cover: Gerald’s Game


by Siddharth Tripathi

I have read a string of books based on contemporary India. Enough to make me stay away from them for a while, actually. However, I decided to request this book for review, first off, because it is from Bloomsbury. I have come around to trust their publication. Secondly, the first book by the author has received some good response from the reviewers I trust blindly. So, here I am, happy and content. This particular one... continue reading→

cover: Blowfish


on Amazon Prime

I seem to be in a frenzy of watching historical drama. Hopping from one series to another I stumbled upon reign. I picked up right after finishing Tudors. Reign is primarily about Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary was crowned the Queen of Scots at the age of six after which she was in the care of ‘Catherine de Medici’. She was later promised to French prince Francis II. The series begins with Mary retuning from the... continue reading→

cover: Reign

Victoria and Abdul

by Shrabani Basu

Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch in the history of Great Britain. Some would say she was dictatorial, some call her stupid and emotional and some, simply insane. However, what she was, was a lonely old woman who found solace in the company of few. Victoria and her Indian servant were inseparable until everything ended and the Edwardian era began. Abdul came Home richer than ever but Victoria’s absence took a toll on him... continue reading→

Cover: Victoria and Abdul


on Netflix

It was after my recent course about churches in Goa that got me interested in church architecture. I remember gazing at the lantern dome at St Cajetan and thinking of the life during the construction of the beautiful St Peter’s Cathedral at the Vatican. It was during a random browsing session that I came across the name of Medicis, along with those of Michelangelo and Brunelleschi. I remembered coming across the Medici name in Reign, another series... continue reading→

cover: Medici

The Last Di Sione Claims his Prize

by Maisey Yates

There is this thing about guilty pleasure reads. They are addictive! This happened to me around the time I first discovered mills and boon books. I read one and then the other and then another one. I read 18 books, one after the other. I don’t remember at what point I realised that I was addicted to them but I did. It is after 4 years that almost feels like yesterday that I picked up... continue reading→

Cover: The Last Di Sione Claims his Prize

Victoria and Abdul

Courtesy: Bloomsbury India

It was a great Diwali week. While I managed to finish Brunelleschi’s Dome it was the first book based completely on architecture that I have read which is not a my study course book. I completely loved the one. Ross has a gift. But let’s go back little. I said it was a great beginning because I received an amazing gift! Bloomsbury India sent five bloggers (including me) tickets to watch Victoria and Abdul in... continue reading→

cover: Victoria and Abdul

Brunelleschi’s Dome

by Ross King

After completing my course on sacred architecture in Goa specialising in churches I developed an unhealthy fascination with the renaissance architecture. The dome of St Cajetan inspired me to learn more about the architecture of Florence and how churches were built during the time there. After watching ‘Medici: Masters of Florence’ my obsession with the dome of Florence cathedral only heightened further. Cosimo de Medici’s fascination with renaissance art is like a communicable disease. Follow On my... continue reading→

Cover: Brunelleschi’s Dome

Belle Dormant

at MAMI 2017

It was my first time at MAMI film festival in Mumbai this year—and I happened to free for the weekend this time. The weekend pass got me entry into the beautiful world of films. I kick started with Hungarian movie, On Body and Soul. It is a magical realism sort of film in which the lead characters have the same dreams. The movie is set around a meat company. The chemistry between the characters is... continue reading→

cover: Belle Dormant