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Kashmir Diaries

My recent attempt to read a few books on Kashmir before my travel to Srinagar resulted in an awakening. I read extensively (or at least what time permitted). I started off with Behold, I Shine by Frenny Manecksha. It was an interesting read; however, I did not learn anything that I did not know already. I also felt that, since it was about the voices of women and children it did not distinguish between those... »

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The Book Thief on Hotstar

When I started watching the movie I didn’t know I would remember the book as I do. The book thief is probably the first book I ever read based on the Great War. It was special. It was different. Narrated by death himself the book was spectacular. But somehow it failed to hold my attention for long. I did finish it but forgot soon too. My recent subscription to Hotstar gave me an opportunity to... »

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A Lot Like Love... A Li'l Like Chocolate

by Sumrit Shahi

I picked this book up after reading Alias Grace. I wanted to read something quick and light. It is unlike any book I have read before. Not in a good way. Cover page I received a revised edition of the book. The cover is great, done up in style. There is an adventurous couple on a hilltop watching the sunrise/sunset. It does not relate to the event inside the book however, I guess the point... »

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History/Historical Fiction: Periods I like to read about (Part III)

Other than the periods I love (that I mentioned in Part I and Part II of the series), there are periods that I would love to read about but unfortunately I don’t know where to begin. I would love to get some recommendations for the same! History of Greek and Rome I have always been fascinated by Greek and roman myths and architecture. I picked up a non-fiction on the same by Robin Lane Fox called ‘Classic... »

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Gerald’s Game

by Stephen King

Once I had an ardent fan of King describe to me the novels that he writes. ‘Think of everything gory and horrific. Now narrate it as if you are at a distance but living through it. As it happens to someone else but you know you are not invincible either.’ This is exactly how I felt when I read my first fiction by the celebrated author. ‘Gerald’s Game’ crossed my path during my time with... »

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History/Historical Fiction: Periods I like to read about (Part II)

As a continuation of the previous post, these are some of the time periods that I love reading about when it comes to history or historical fiction. If I have to make a chart half the pie would be of history/historical fiction and other half will consist of other genres. I am glad for this love that I possess for the genre because it has taught me not to be afraid of non-fictions. Non-fictions are... »

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History/Historical Fiction: Periods I like to read about (Part I)

I am obsessed with history (as it may be evident). Any genre I pick to read or any series I watch or any podcast I listen to, every bit of it I somehow related to some history or the other. My recent obsession with audio versions has led to the discovery of BBC Radio 4 and the stunning audio podcasts it contains. I am currently listening to ‘The Museum of Lost Objects’ by Kanishk Tharoor. Before... »

cover: History/Historical Fiction: Periods I like to read about (Part I)

Alias Grace

by Margaret Atwood

In 19th century, the world saw a craze. Craze of different sort of mental illnesses them being used as an evidence in favour of criminals. Lunacy and its different sides were explored. Sleepwalking, hypnosis, playing with memory and trance were topics rather outspoken at dinner table. It was the fresh meat, a sort of magic trick everyone wanted to learn about. I have loved Margaret Atwood since Handmaid’s Tale which was the first book I... »

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Origin by Dan Brown: A Glimpse

I have read two of Dan Brown’s books and loved them both. ‘The Da Vinci Code’ came into my life because of my sister. She wanted me to read the book and narrate it to her. I tried the narration part but I don’t think I did it any justice. Second book was ‘The Lost Symbol’ which was a gift from a friend. I found it intimidating just for its size but when I got... »

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Eleanor and Park

by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park is one of the few talked about books that I have utterly disliked contrary to the popular opinion. According to the blogger who liked the book it was meant to be an epic love saga. It was meant to stir your heart and soul. Sadly, none of this happened. On the contrary I was repulsed enough to not pick up to read the last 30 pages of the book until right before... »

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