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Meraki Post works for the reader community, to ensure that the world of literature remains a good place to be. We’re constantly reading loads (and loads) of books, so we could quench the thirst of the community. At times, we behave like Alan in the Two and a Half Men episode, That Special Tug—of course, sans the emotional breakdown.

Our to-read queues are at least five books long, at any given point in time. So if you request a review for a book (either because you’re planning to buy it, or because you wrote it), we might take a while to post it here. If you would rather have us review your book on priority for some reason, we certainly do that, but at a nominal charge.

The charge helps us keep afloat, with respect to the charges we incur to run the site, and all. And after that’s covered, we’d definitely love a cup of coffee; who doesn’t? Oh, and please understand that in any case, the review would be honest. Be careful before you ask!

If you’d like a review, or have any questions about the world of books, or even need our help with literature (short of writing your English Literature exams for you), please feel free to get in touch! Fill out the form below:

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