Conflict Zone Date

Khulud Khamis

Thanks to social media we are now much closer to authors than ever before. While some still choose to not be seen on social media, some are actively advocating matters they feel strongly about. I first read about Khulud’s work on social media and have been following her ever since. She is a fierce advocate of feminism, equality and peace. When she posted on her Instagram about two stories that she’s willing to send to... continue reading→

The Closing Door

Rose Tremain

The title ‘The Closing Door’ could mean so much in the story. The symbolism is epic! The story is about a mother and a child at the railway station going through a separation. Marjorie is a war widow. She lost her husband in the last week of the war. Since then she and her daughter have been living dependent on each other for moral and emotional support. So when Timothy’s parents suggest that her daughter... continue reading→

Solid Objects

Virginia Woolf

This story is from the collection called ‘That Glimpse of Truth’ selected and introduced by David Miller. Miller himself talks about the story as This rather extraordinary story. It is rather extraordinary, truly. And, probably the first that I had to refer an analysis of online to make sure I have understood Woolf well. I did of course! Rather proud of myself. This is my first story from by the author, first work that I... continue reading→

Chubby Minutes

Leopoldine Core

The protagonist meets a man she is deeply attracted to in a shopping center. He has come there with his daughter. They greet each other and after a small talk they say goodbye. The meeting stays with the woman though. She wants to just sleep with him once. Sleeping once may not be enough. She may have to do it against. Out of the obligation she may just confession her love to him. But will... continue reading→

A Time of Madness: A Memoir of Partition

by Salman Rashid

Salman Rashid is a journalist in Pakistan who travels to India searching for his roots here. Salman Rashid is neither fashionably nationalistic nor blind to corruptions of the state. He, in many ways, reminds me of Taslima Nasreen in Lajja. Read further to know more about a Pakistani man’s search for his ancestral home in Jalandhar, India. Cover Page The cover page is simple and impactful. The picture of a man looking at you with... continue reading→

cover: A Time of Madness: A Memoir of Partition


Daisy Johnson

Oh wow! This particular story is based in a completely different kind of setting. You are going to love listening to this one! The story is about Nora. Nora was recently widowed when her husband suddenly passed away due to a clot in his lungs. No one knows when the clot developed. Nora is but a woman of 19. She is married young and faced a great loss. Her parents and others asked her to... continue reading→