Old as the Hills

Penelope Lively

It is the thing with short stories. You get to read more authors than you would read otherwise. And, let me tell you. It is a blessing. To come across these many beautiful varied writings. Absolute bliss. Old as Hill is  a short story mainly written in dialogues and memories. The short story is about two women named Celia and Jane. Both are ‘Old as Hill’ now. They had past together and this meeting in the... continue reading→

Moths of the New World

Audrey Niffenegger

I have two books parked on my shelf by Audrey Niffenegger but I never really touched them after I got them from the book by weight sale. This short story seems like a good start to reading the author because I absolutely loved the short story. The story begins beautifully with ‘The Book woke up in a strange man’s apartment.’ The short story talks about a book that is stolen from the library and lands... continue reading→

Happy New Year

Ajeet Cour, translated from Punjabi by Khushwant Singh

When I read the title, I didn’t imagine the story would be about a government official. The story starts with Kapoor being promoted to the post of Personal Assistant to the Minister. Kapoor is a little surprised by the move and at the same time, is proud of his new role. However, as is the norm—the suggestive smooth talks and double entendre common in the system, Gupta, the typist invites himself to Kapoor’s house for... continue reading→

Underbush Man

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood has been one of my most read female authors. I absolutely loved her dystopian ‘Handmade’s Tale’ and historical fiction/mystery ‘Alias Grace’. Atwood has a typical narration style and her plots are spun like a magic. I usually read smaller fiction before I get to their thicker books but it is completely different for Atwood. Underbush Man is one of the stories from the Guardian Review’s compilations of short stories. It is sweet story... continue reading→

The Big Switch: It’s Never Too Late

by John Thomas

A young lad; an IT engineer, who has: a bad manager, an immature girlfriend who loves drama, a carefree roommate, crazy work… A little too mainstream in the Bangalore IT world. This person is someone we techies come across on a day-to-day basis. Except, of course, that this story was based in Mumbai. But then, I did not see much of Mumbai in the story, so let’s just call the location another mainstream metro. This... continue reading→

cover: The Big Switch: It’s Never Too Late


Sadia Shepard

This particular story came by when I was drifting into a slump. Nothing I read interested me. I was about to give up on this story too when the lead character ‘Sara’ caught my attention. Story begins with one of the protagonists, Hassan, starting a new job at a bank. He finds himself sharing his desk with Hina. Hina is a peculiar Pakistani ‘Hijabi’ woman. She was about seven-eight years younger to Hassan but they... continue reading→