The Parrots of Desire: 3000 Years of Indian Erotic Writings

by Amrita Narayanan

This book came as a pleasant surprise to me when aleph company offered the Review copy of the book. It must have taken a lot of research from the author to do a collective of writings such as this one. Follow Cover page On the cover is an impression of a flower constructed by humans. This is not very noticeable in the first go but when you do notice it you cannot help but awe... continue reading→

cover: The Parrots of Desire: 3000 Years of Indian Erotic Writings

The Cure

Ginu Kamani

This is a weird story. Much like The Wagon but not quite alike. This is the story of a young girl who cannot stop growing. She does not have any control over it. No one has. She describes her image as I now had to stand far back to see my full frame in the cupboard mirror. My face was no longer in line with the top of the mirror when I stood flush against... continue reading→

cover: The Cure

Three Virgins

Manjula Padmanabhan

This story belongs to the collection ‘Three Virgins and Other Stories’ by Manjula Padmanabhan. I had a pleasant chance of reading this story in ‘The Parrots of Desire’, an anthology by Amrita Narayanan. Three virgins is a simple yet profound story that explicitly talks about the first time sexual experiences of three people. The story is divided into three parts. These parts take place during an especially interesting lifetime of a liberated woman. The first... continue reading→

‘Bu’ or ‘Smell’

Saadat Hasan Manto translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon

Before the eyebrows raise, I want to make it very clear! I have read Manto before and yes, I have read Toba Tek Singh. It has just been a long time and I wanted to read another story by the author hence I picked this one. The title of the story reads ‘Smell’ but I still like it’s Hindu version better. ‘Bu’ talks a lot about other things than just smell. Bu is a remembrance,... continue reading→

cover: ‘Bu’ or ‘Smell’

Under Cover of Darkness

Nirmal Verma, translated from Hindi by Jai Ratan

Dark stuff. I think I’m attracting some dark stuff of late. The last story I read was a dark one as well. Anyway, this story has a child as the narrator. He’s ill, in Simla. It starts with his friend standing next to him, worried that he’d get well soon, and subsequently, would leave for Delhi. The story slowly evolves into something way more serious than that. More than the storyline, it is about the... continue reading→

Bookstamp from The Doodle Soup!

I have waited an eternity for this! I absolutely love these small notes that the books carry. The little notes of love, the small illegible writing that mark words and their meanings against it or any kind of personalization that comes from different readers that may have flipped the pages of the same book. This maybe the reason I love books that have come around changing hands. Follow I had been looking for a book... continue reading→

cover: Bookstamp from The Doodle Soup!