Eleanor and Park

by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park is one of the few talked about books that I have utterly disliked contrary to the popular opinion. According to the blogger who liked the book it was meant to be an epic love saga. It was meant to stir your heart and soul. Sadly, none of this happened. On the contrary I was repulsed enough to not pick up to read the last 30 pages of the book until right before... continue reading→

cover: Eleanor and Park

The 10-Minute Tale - 1

It required a little bit of coaxing and a little bit of pestering from my sister before I picked this short story. The story is written by a friend of my sister’s and she would not stop singing praise. I decided to pick this one up because it said it would take me just 10 minutes to read it. A book that I initially had to finish as an obligation turned out to be something... continue reading→

cover: The 10-Minute Tale - 1

The Elephant and the Cassowary

by Ruskin Bond

My newfound love for short stories has brought me to India’s most loved author - Ruskin Bond. This book of short stories collected by Ruskin bond over the years. This book features some of the best-loved stories of the author by other author. Cover page The cover page features a comic book like graphic. The animals that get their place inside the book have a grip on the cover too. The intertwined design of the... continue reading→

cover: The Elephant and the Cassowary


by Selina Sen

It is most unfortunate that I have to DNF this book. Not just because I was really looking forward to reading this book based in kashmir but also because I had received three books from this publisher few months back and I ended up DNFing two and giving a bad review for the third one. I have read quite a few books from the publisher and they have been doing a great job. These three... continue reading→

cover: Zoon

In the Name of God

by Ravi Subramanian

The book In the Name of God is my first from the author. I am not very impressed but not largely disappointed either. Cover page The cover page is like a preamble for any thriller: A man on hunt with some urban background. The book identifies itself by the cover to be a thriller. It is not a great cover but then it does work. So no complains. Characters There are so many! So many... continue reading→

cover: In the Name of God

Taking the Road Not Taken

We’re a group of four people, enthusiastic about the literary world, with a shared dream to see the tradition of good literature continue through our generation as well. Meraki Post is our way of supporting the community of readers and writers. By being honest. We work on ethics. And we believe in treating you just the way we treat ourselves. Which is the reason we don’t serve ads on the site. We hate ads; you’re... continue reading→

cover: Taking the Road Not Taken