Taking the Road Not Taken

We’re a group of four people, enthusiastic about the literary world, with a shared dream to see the tradition of good literature continue through our generation as well. Meraki Post is our way of supporting the community of readers and writers. By being honest. We work on ethics. And we believe in treating you just the way we treat ourselves. Which is the reason we don’t serve ads on the site. We hate ads; you’re... continue reading→

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Our Moon has Blood Clots

by Rahul Pandita

‘For the media, the Kashmir issue has remained largely black and white—here are people who were victims of brutalisation at the hands of Indian state. But the media has failed to see, and has largely ignored the fact that the same people also victimised another people.’ And so the word goes. The Kashmir issue has been the favourite of all the news channels and households alike. We chew what media feeds us. Rahul Pandita has,... continue reading→

cover: Our Moon has Blood Clots

The Crown

on Netflix

After the death of King George V the British Empire was a ruckus. The war was over leaving Churchill old and weak. An old man was given the responsibility to ready Princess Elizabeth for the crown. And my God, is she is a personality! The Crown is about Queen Elizabeth. She inherits the crown from her father. She is not very well read or confident but she becomes a Queen nevertheless. In her words, ‘I... continue reading→

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If the Creek Don’t Rise

by Leah Weiss

Different books have different things to offer to it’s readers. There are thousands of books written, and it is likely that these books have covered all possible story lines. How then does one set their book apart? How then do writers churn out something that has not been said before? If the Creek Don’t Rise gave me an insight into a culture I had never read about before. It may not claim to have a... continue reading→

cover: If the Creek Don’t Rise

Author Interview: Leah Weiss

As part of our Blog Tour of If the Creek Don’t Rise, we at Meraki Post bring you the interview with the author, Leah Weiss. What are we waiting for, let’s jump right into the interview! Tell us more about yourself. I’m happy to! First, a rather delicate confession. I remember hearing recently on talk radio that if you hadn’t published your first book by the time you’re forty, your chances to succeed are slim... continue reading→

cover: Author Interview: Leah Weiss

38 Bahadurabad

by Zeeba Sadiq

Well, what do I say! In a an awfully funny and equally ridiculous instance in my life, I decided to pick up this book. Hear me out. One day, not so long ago, I was going through the archive list on my blog and realised that a number of letters towards the end had no books listed below them. It felt unjustified and I immediately decided that I need to start filling these up. I... continue reading→

cover: 38 Bahadurabad