Under Cover of Darkness

Nirmal Verma, translated from Hindi by Jai Ratan

Dark stuff. I think I’m attracting some dark stuff of late. The last story I read was a dark one as well. Anyway, this story has a child as the narrator. He’s ill, in Simla. It starts with his friend standing next to him, worried that he’d get well soon, and subsequently, would leave for Delhi. The story slowly evolves into something way more serious than that. More than the storyline, it is about the... continue reading→

Bookstamp from The Doodle Soup!

I have waited an eternity for this! I absolutely love these small notes that the books carry. The little notes of love, the small illegible writing that mark words and their meanings against it or any kind of personalization that comes from different readers that may have flipped the pages of the same book. This maybe the reason I love books that have come around changing hands. Follow I had been looking for a book... continue reading→

cover: Bookstamp from The Doodle Soup!

Black Jesus

Venita Blackburn

This particular story is a sweet story of coming of age. A girl, while she is growing up, talks about Jesus and what he means to her. The narrator is the descendant of slave. She has grown up with the stories of slavery. Her most memorable stories are those told by her grandmother. Follow One day the narrator is found kissing Jesus and given a mouthful. Her mother shows her the bible and talks about... continue reading→

cover: Black Jesus

The Headless Woman

Gonçalo M. Tavares, Translated from the Portuguese by Francisco Vilhena

As I continue my journey to find short fiction from different countries in the world, I stumbled upon ‘The Headless Woman’. This story begins as a horror story but continues as a dark one and ends like a fable. The narrative style is completely new. Follow The story is about a headless woman who roams around looking for her sons because she misses them. The sons too are frantically following the trail of blood left... continue reading→

cover: The Headless Woman

An Era of Darkness

by Shashi Tharoor

What is the relationship between a colonizer and a colony? What is the bending moment of a state which has been looted, plundered, enslaved and broken? How much self-worth is left when it breaks and strengthens to rise and razed to ground again? Those who rise above the ashes to fly beyond have nothing to thank the fire for. The idea for the book germinated from a talk Tharoor gave at Oxford on the topic... continue reading→

cover: An Era of Darkness

Lihaaf, and Of Fists and Rubs

Ismat Chugtai, translated from Urdu by M Asaduddin and Muhammad Umar Memon respectively

I had this particular book with me since quite sometime, completely unopened. It is only when I decided to attend a talk on ‘Ismat Chugtai’ when I reaslied that I was in possession of two of her stories. I decided to read both stories before the event, which is tomorrow. Chugtai has written a number of short stories in her life but she is most known for Lihaaf. When the story came out, it became... continue reading→