Yashpal, translated from Hindi by Keshav Malik

Amazon is creepy. But of course, not the point. I picked up this book and started reading the stories one by one. The first I read was by Premchand. But the story was too normal. Nothing noteworthy about the story. So I moved on to the next one. This started with a little description about a hermitage. “… away from temptations of earthly bonds” caught my attention at once. I dug in. The story went on... continue reading→

The Necklace

Guy De Maupassant

Sheer joy of reading a classic story! This story tells you why classics are ever green. This is the first work of fiction I have read from the author. This is story is extraordinary. It reminds you of the simplicity of RK Narayan and the prose style of Hemingway. The story is about a woman called Mathilde Loisel. This is no ordinary woman. In Maupassant’s words: She was one of those pretty and charming girls... continue reading→

My Curls Have Blown All the Way to China

Amos Oz Translated, from the Hebrew, by Maggie Goldberg Bar-Tura

It is an interesting story. Depressing though, but interesting. The story is told from the point of view of the narrator. The narrator is preparing a list of things to buy for the upcoming winter when her husband enters the room. She asks for some money to buy some winter wear when her husband breaks the news. “O.K., fine. But, listen, first I have something to tell you. It’s like this. During the factory outing... continue reading→

The Wise Parrot

by Ruskin Bond

This is my second story collection by Ruskin Bond. I had read The Elephant and the Cassowary. I liked some stories in the collection, disliked some. This book is no different. And I hate what Bond lovers are going to think of me! I am expecting hate comments already, but since I said I will give an honest opinion, here it goes! Follow Cover page It is nothing great. There is a hazy crayon coloured... continue reading→

cover: The Wise Parrot

The Freezer Chest

Dorthe Nors Translated from the Danish by Misha Hoekstra

This is a story of a rather unpopular guy who was bullied in his childhood and his way of standing up to the bully. He remembers: When I think about it, the freezer chest, it’s with a sensation of the ferry rocking and the North Sea beneath us. With beautiful imagery the author has also worked with great narration. The bully talks about his awesome short life being a musician and how he came about... continue reading→

The Hotel

Veronique Bizot Translated from French by Youna Kwak

This is the first story I am reading that is translated from French. It begins astonishingly well. A lady describes the scenario in the hotel for someone called ‘you’. Having finished dinner in the hotel restaurant, the young couple went back up to their room to find half a dozen rats running around in every direction. Follow It was a surprise since in the hotel was rather expensive where they did not keep even the... continue reading→

cover: The Hotel