Escape from New York

Zadie Smith

Escape from New York is a story set in the time of Apocalypse, when the entire world is fighting. The planes are shut down. There is no way to escape New York other than by road. Three friends—Michael, Elizabeth and Marlon—decide to hire a car and drive away from the madness. They are the rich brats covered in diamonds and talking about books and poetry. “We’re exactly the kinds of sons of bitches who’d make... continue reading→

The Wagon

Khalida Asghar, translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon

The author was in a rush to get back home one day when on the bridge to cross Ravi river the when he saw three men looking over the sun setting into the water and the sky turning red. The author became curious. He wanted to know what the men were looking for. After pointing out the red sky, the author became conscious of the red sky which the people around started noticing slowly. They... continue reading→


Ghulam Abbas, translated from Urdu by G.A. Chausse

‘The meeting of the Municipal council was at full boil.’ They were discussing the expulsion of zanaan-e-baazaari from the city. The expulsion was being justified with all the possible moral reasons and it was decided that the prostitutes would be resettled in another patch of land around twelve kos far from this city. The women didn’t like it. Several stayed in the city in hotels and rented accommodations. Only fourteen of them decided to move... continue reading→

the Assassinations - A Novel of 1984

by Vikram Kapur

I have read a few books on the life and death of Mrs Gandhi but none that exclusively talks about the assassination and the riot that followed. Indira by Sagarika Ghose talks briefly about the episode but it hardly does justice in describing the massacre. This particular book, I can conveniently say, is the first striking read for me on the subject. Follow Cover page When I received the book the red and black cover... continue reading→

cover: the Assassinations - A Novel of 1984

Obscure Domains of Fears and Desires

Naiyer Masud translated by Muhammad Umar Memon and Javaid Qazi

I don’t know what happened in the story! I just know that it left me creeped out. I am still trying to understand the story myself. The story is essentially of a man who is sex driven. He is seeing women everywhere in the house. He finds young one ‘his little bride’. He has also found old cronies and hags. But he is attracted to an older woman who is in some ways his ‘aunt’.... continue reading→


Rajinder Singh Bedi translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon

I love stories that begin beautifully. This one sure is one of them. After partition, when countless wounded people had finally cleaned the gore from their bodies, they turned their attention to those who had not suffered bodily but had been wounded in their heart. It is a story of partition. It is Story of a man who loses his wife to partition. It is a story of a woman who loses herself to partition.... continue reading→

cover: Laajwanti