10 books on my to-read list 2016

From reading favorite genres like romance, and thrillers to discovering new favorites like historic fiction and poetry, 2015 was a good year when it comes to books. Closing the year with the launch of MERAKI POST, and bringing in 2016 with the hope of reading more fun books, I intend  to cover a larger variety of books this year.Trying to maintain a mix of various genres some of the books that I would like to... »

go set


by Dr Shayan Haq and Santosh Avvannavar

Set in 1990, in the City of Calcutta "She" is a small insight into the life of Kusum, and the struggles she endures due to her blurred sexuality.  CoverEnveloped in a crimson jacket , which may be signifying womanhood and the sexuality of a woman which is frequently represented using this color in India, "She" has a plain cover page with the title , with a reversed S maybe signifying that she is unlike others,... »

10 books I want to get through this year

The year 2015 has ended on a good note. I have read some great books and started this blog with three of my friends. I am very excited about the blog since all three of us read different genres and it is going to be a delicious cocktail. Here are some books that I am looking forward to reading in this year:1. A Game Of Thrones (Song of fire and ice) George R.R. MartinGame of thrones... »

Season of the rainbirds

by Nadeem Aslam

Nadeem Aslam's debut novel, 'season of the rainbirds' is a narrative set in a small town in Pakistan. Touching upon the lives of the inhabitants and the turn of events due to certain unexpected incidents, this book brings to fore human responses and behavior in the most natural and unpretentious manner. CoverSeason of the rainbirds is adorned in a bright & chirpy yellow- green cover, probably depicting the monsoon of the 1980’s of this small town... »

Flawed (Flawed, #1)

by Cecelia Ahern

Sir Thomas More was defining a near perfect society when he coined the term ‘Utopia’. Utopia has been fodder for many fiction and derived fiction novels. Author Amish Tripathi’s ‘shiva trilogy’ is one such series. The book talks about a perfect society and the whole dynamics. A flaw can only be used to polish to perfection. A dystopian society can only lead to utopia. And these two terms are not mere two ends of the... »

Mary, Queen of Scots

by John Hale

After the long awaited death of Mary Tudor or “Bloody Mary” as the subjects knew her, Elizabeth ascended to power. Much to her people’s loathsome attitude towards her, Elizabeth triumphed as a queen who would finally succeed the Tudor dynasty. All other monarchs during her time were forgotten due to her lineage and her rule, full of scandal but one. Mary of Scots, after losing her husband, the king of France, left France to come... »