The Dog

J. M. Coetzee

I have been eyeing ‘Disgrace’ by J. M. Coetzee since about six years now. I haven’t possessed the book yet. I call it possess because I do already have enough books to read for another five years but my lust for them never satiates. Anyways, I came across this beautiful story on ‘The New Yorker’ which has been my go-to place when it comes to short fiction. This particular story is about ‘She’. She passes... continue reading→

Ali Baba and Forty Thieves


This story is particularly close to my heart. We all have grown up listening to it and watching different adaptations of the same. It was a pleasure revisiting it after all these years. It is a story of Ali Baba who lives with his wife and son. They are not very rich unlike his brother who gains all the richness after he marries a wealthy widow. The brothers live separate lives until Ali Baba discovers... continue reading→

cover: Ali Baba and Forty Thieves

Audunn and the Bear


The story is about an Icelander Audunn. After working hard enough and saving up a bit of a fortune, he leaves that for his mother and sets asail to Norway and Greenland for work. It is here in Greenland that he finds a polar bear which he purchases with whatever money he has left. He decides to present this to King Sveinn of Denmark. On his way, he passes by King Haraldr’s kingdom down south... continue reading→


Rainbow Rowell

The book spans across a few years. A short story skipping through time? Yes, that’s what Midnights is. One New Year party sees two strange kids—Noel and Mag get to know each other. Noel is dorky, funny, loves dancing and has a severe nut allergy! Mag is his hero sans a cape. They become friends and then they become best friends. Follow Noel is the kind of character that one just falls in love with.... continue reading→

cover: Midnights

All the Dirty Parts

by Daniel Handler

Lemony snicket remains bar far my favourite children’s writer of all times for me. Even Harry Potter hasn’t done what Lemony Snicket did for me. Since then I have watched multiple adaptations of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, the most recent one with Neil Patrick Harris being my favourite. Although I have just read 6 books out of 13-books series I absolutely love the writing. I do hope to get to reading rest of the... continue reading→

cover: All the Dirty Parts

The Pose

Anwer Khan translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon

This story is one from the collection called The Greatest Urdu Stories compiled and translated by Muhammad Umar Memon. This book has some great of stories from famous authors such as Premchand and Manto. I had read Manto long time back after which I am returning to this book today. This particular one is a sweet story about a spunky girl. In the story she is called ‘She’. There is no name. ‘She’ abruptly broke... continue reading→