The Gift of the Magi

by O. Henry

Given that the birthday is just around the corner , it was only apt to post this review as a pre-birthday reminder ( yes , it was set around Christmas , but the theme is GIFTS! , and is there a better time to contemplate on the culture of giving gifts than now!?).  Having chanced upon this book in the classic sections , I was quite taken by its pretty cover . The Gift of... continue reading→

To Read List 2016

I’ve been quite lucky this year to have met quite a lot of people with similar interests to reading and to have been GIFTED a lot of books! You know how elated one can feel with gifts of this sort. Most of them are in my current spectrum of interest which include philosophy, historical fiction/non-fiction and of course the classics. Here is the list  of  books that I look forward to reading this year as... continue reading→


Pillow Talk

by Freya North

This British Author is widely known for her wide array of writing most of which are loved under the chic-lit/romance category. She quit her PhD in Art to write her first novel, which later became a reason for her to be noticed by bibliophiles who love romances. Sally was the first novel by Freya North followed by Chloe  and many others making her a hit among romance-lovers. Chloe is one of those books that I’d read... continue reading→

A dozen damsels we love.

One of the things a bibliophile is guilty of is falling in love with characters who have been brought to life by our favorite authors. While some are irrevocably in love with that ideal man/woman from their favorite books, some others seek inspiration from some memorable characters who give us useful insights on life and the like.Celebrating the spirit of womanhood this entire month, here is our  pick of our favorite dozen of women straight out... continue reading→

Paper Towns

by John Green

John Green has set the bar so high that the newer authors are having a hard time trying to climb to it. After watching "fault in our stars" it felt like the posters were sneering at me for not reading the book before. I was more upset  because everyone in the book club seemed to be suggesting the book and as always I decided to be a rebel and read what I wanted to read... continue reading→