The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty

by Kavita Kané

I had read Lanka’s Princess a while back and it was one of the better mythology writings in our country that I had come across since Amish Tripathi. However, something changed this time when I picked up ‘The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty’. I was irritated throughout the book at various aspects of but I still wanted to know how the story proceeded since I am not much aware of Mahabharata. I did not like the book... continue reading→

cover: The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty

I’m the meat, you’re the knife

Paul Theroux

I’m absolutely loving 365stories. If discovering a new author each day wasn’t enough I have the joy of reading the authors that I always wanted to read but couldn’t get to their longer fictions. Paul Theroux is one of those authors who I have been eyeing since quite sometime but haven’t really picked up a book before. The New Yorker thankfully offers us an opportunity to read a couple of short stories by the authors... continue reading→

cover: I’m the meat, you’re the knife

The Green Man of Sinai

retold by Ruskin Bond

I came across this beautiful story in a collection of traditional short stories retold by Ruskin Bond. With my faith in oriental stories I dived into this one and man!, I am mesmerized. The story finds its roots in ancient Egypt which is retold to us by the author. It is about a rich trader in the far off land who has all the pleasures of life that money could buy. His only angst is... continue reading→

Hall of small mammals

Thomas Pierce

I actually don’t know what to say for this one. It is a beautiful story. But I was expecting something more, I guess. The story is narrated in first person. This man takes his girlfriend’s son to the zoo. Val, the 12 year old child, is a pain in all wrong places. He is arrogant and it is not even cute. The narrator really wants Val to like him, but of course! They decide to... continue reading→

‘You are happy?’

Akhil Sharma

‘You are happy?’ starts off with a violent reaction to what seems like an out of control situation. Break her arms, break her legs,” Lakshman’s grandmother would say about her daughter-in-law, “then see how she crawls to her bottle.” While this may not be something unfamiliar to the natives of India, Laxman’s father immediately scuffs the idea saying he WILL go to jail for it. It is NOT India. As a native Indian it did... continue reading→

Norse Mythology

by Neil Gaiman

Thanks to the vibrant community of booklovers on my social media, especially Instagram, there are a lot of books that are lauded by readers. While some hyped books have left me underwhelmed, I was intrigued about what this title would have me feeling. Gaiman is loved for his writing by most readers. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that they did not like him. How was my first tryst with the Author? Read... continue reading→

cover: Norse Mythology