by Dan Brown

My first Dan Brown was, perhaps like most Dan Brown readers, The Da Vinci Code. I’d received the book from my English teacher when I was in high school, and was instantly fascinated by the controversial ideas that the book was based upon. And then, as I started reading the remaining Dan Brown titles of the time, and then the subsequent ones as and when they were released, I’d learnt to predict what would happen next.... continue reading→

cover: Origin

Kashmir Diaries

My recent attempt to read a few books on Kashmir before my travel to Srinagar resulted in an awakening. I read extensively (or at least what time permitted). I started off with Behold, I Shine by Frenny Manecksha. It was an interesting read; however, I did not learn anything that I did not know already. I also felt that, since it was about the voices of women and children it did not distinguish between those... continue reading→

cover: Kashmir Diaries

Silent Scream

by Angela Marsons

As a curator for a book subscription service, the biggest challenge I face is ensuring quality books in the box. There are hundreds and thousands of books out there and new ones release almost every day! We enlist many titles in our monthly previews and I attempt to read at least a few out of these lists, to maintain the quality of the books. Silent Scream was one title included in the box that was... continue reading→

cover: Silent Scream

The Book Thief

on Hotstar

When I started watching the movie I didn’t know I would remember the book as I do. The book thief is probably the first book I ever read based on the Great War. It was special. It was different. Narrated by death himself the book was spectacular. But somehow it failed to hold my attention for long. I did finish it but forgot soon too. My recent subscription to Hotstar gave me an opportunity to... continue reading→

cover: The Book Thief

A Lot Like Love... A Li'l Like Chocolate

by Sumrit Shahi

I picked this book up after reading Alias Grace. I wanted to read something quick and light. It is unlike any book I have read before. Not in a good way. Cover page I received a revised edition of the book. The cover is great, done up in style. There is an adventurous couple on a hilltop watching the sunrise/sunset. It does not relate to the event inside the book however, I guess the point... continue reading→

cover: A Lot Like Love... A Li'l Like Chocolate

History/Historical Fiction: Periods I like to read about (Part III)

Other than the periods I love (that I mentioned in Part I and Part II of the series), there are periods that I would love to read about but unfortunately I don’t know where to begin. I would love to get some recommendations for the same! History of Greek and Rome I have always been fascinated by Greek and roman myths and architecture. I picked up a non-fiction on the same by Robin Lane Fox called ‘Classic... continue reading→

cover: History/Historical Fiction: Periods I like to read about (Part III)