The Palace Of Illusions

by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

It is funny now that I go back to my first encounter with the Book. I had just finished my internship in Auroville. I was exhilarated with the experience and I wanted to read more about architecture. While I was looking for books to read on architecture I came across ‘The Palace Of Illusions’. I was completely in awe with the cover until I realised this wasn’t anything on building science but a retelling Of... continue reading→

cover: The Palace Of Illusions

The Stranger

by Albert Camus

There are books that are earmarked as “must reads” by most readers around the world. There are Authors who are considered to be legends. Sometimes these must reads are everything you expect them to be. Sometimes these books disappoint so much, you question your own choices. I have disliked more of these “must reads” than liked them. Perhaps my taste is queer; perhaps I come from a smaller group of people who have their own... continue reading→

cover: The Stranger


by Gulzar

This arrogant, conceited history strides ahead with her head in the clouds and never looks down. She does not realise how she crushes millions of people beneath her feet. The common people. She doesn’t understand that one may cut a mountain in two, but people? It’s a hard task, Bhai, to cut one people into two. They bleed. It was during my book shopping trip with Pooja at Kitab Khaana that I finally picked up... continue reading→

cover: Two


by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake

I seem to be on a roll! After Matilda I immediately picked up The BFG. I do not think I can ever get over Roald Dahl! The BFG is very different from Matilda but similar. It is again a story of a little girl who is the main protagonist. But here in this book we get to meet many other people such as several bone crunching, flesh eating, scary giants, one really friendly giant and... continue reading→

cover: The BFG


by Scot Westerfeld

It has been some crazy couple of weeks at work. So much so that I have been craving a break from monotony. Uglies was just that for me. I was looking for an easy read which I did not really need to put efforts to comprehend. Uglies has just the right amount of dystopia and drama that you need to get your focus off work. Follow Cover page The cover page works but it is... continue reading→

cover: Uglies

Footprints on Zero Line

by Gulzar

Partition was a rare occurrence where the humanity failed collectively. It still does when there are wars going on to fill a certain pockets and where kids are swept off to the shore because they are not given a safe shelter. We learn about such occurrences every single day and it makes you feel completely helpless. In this book, Gulzar Sahab has tried to revisit his place of birth in Pakistan and touch the Dhaiyya.... continue reading→

cover: Footprints on Zero Line