The Metamorphosis

by Franz Kafka

A combination of simple writing and lucid imagination is how anyone will describe Franz Kafka. Most of Kafka’s work is almost autobiographical in nature. In writing pitiful characters without any will to change their life or any throat to voice their opinion, Kafka tries to pen his life on paper. Due to an illness that takes his life, he did not see enough of his success. Metamorphosis is probably the most famous work of Franz... continue reading→

To Kill A Mocking Bird

by Harper Lee

CoverThis classic, first published in 1960 has been published with different cover pages over the years. With a stark orange background  that never fails to catch the eye and the symbolic mockingbird , some of the covers have the lead character- Scout on it, while some others have the tree –which again has a significance of its own in the plot. Most covers adopted for this book give some insight on the setting and the... continue reading→

The God of Small Things

by Arundhati Roy

I sit in front the computer with a pressure to the paramount, to do justice to a piece of literature which may have been the most accurate of my idea of a modern classic. I am continuously haunted by the possibility of me not appropriately putting my thoughts across about the book that has won India its Man Booker prize in 1997.Arundhati Roy is an inspiration for all the architects and writers alike. Architects? You... continue reading→


by Aziz Hamza

Roman empire has astonished me since I read Julius Ceaser. Therefore when I received this book for reviewing I instantly said yes. This is written by an author from Saudi which further aggravated my curiosity.History immortalizes both the names of the greats and the tyrants without making a distinction between them.Cover pageEterlimus is a story of Rome hence the classical architecture is very much expected in the cover-page. But what really attracted me to the... continue reading→

Poor Little Rich Slum

by Rashmi Bansal, Deepak Gandhi

Poor Little Rich Slum is a book I picked up out of curiosity. I had enough about Dharavi and redevelopment projects. I just wanted to see another perspective to it. I did not learn something new out of the book, but I definitely came across a fine writing. The book is a piece of art with an amazing collection of photos and beautiful presentation.We wish they would not exist, but we cannot wish them away.... continue reading→

Movie Adaptation - The DUFF II

  ”The DUFF“ is a book I read after I watched the trailer of the movie. The trailer was cute and the female lead seemed like she had substance. This was the reason I decided to pick up the book and read before watching the movie.The bookThe book was not what I expected. I assumed it to be an exceptional young adult romance, looking at the reviews from other bloggers. But it was a massive disappointment.... continue reading→