All the Missing Girls

by Megan Miranda

In the last two years I have read a lot of women centric books. Books written by and about women focussed on female readers. I have also read a lot of thrillers with women protagonists. Guilty of reviewing this book a tad too late, I read the review copy of this book at the end of 2016 when I read a lot of other books on mysterious female characters. However, this book isn’t a hit... continue reading→

cover: All the Missing Girls


by Anuja Chauhan

Ever fancied a life which makes you feel alive. Like a dhook dhook dhooki inside you? ‘Baaz’ by Anuja Chauhan will make your heart leap with each flip of page. It makes you learn one more thing about passion. It is magnetic. Here are the five reason why you should pick up ‘Baaz’ by Anuja Chauhan. The Indian Air Force: Baaz ke maaphik! This is for those who have fancied men in uniforms and patriotic... continue reading→

cover: Baaz

Author Interview: Haley Harrigan

Haley Harrigan, the author of Secrets of Southern Girls, was kind enough to agree for an interview. This interview is part of the Spotlight Tour of Secrets of Southern Girls, in association with Source Books. Oh, and before we forget, there’s a Rafflecopter Giveaway of the book running. Go check it out! Spotlight tour: Secrets of Southern Girls Source Books is currently running a Rafflecopter Giveaway of Secrets of Southern Girls! You may not want... continue reading→

cover: Author Interview: Haley Harrigan

Secrets of Southern Girls

by Haley Harrigan

Looking back in time, I realise that we harbour a lot of secrets in our hearts. Some that we have shared with people very dear to us, and some that will remain in our hearts touching no other soul. Reading the blurb of this book had me drawn to it as it talks about two friends, their past and the secrets between them. I read this advance reader’s copy and we at Meraki Post are delighted... continue reading→

cover: Secrets of Southern Girls

Thirteen Reasons Why

by Jay Asher

No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes, we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same. Cover page Someone in the distant past gazing out to nowhere; that is what the cover depicts. It is here with you, but very distant. The artist has captured the book precisely in its cover. It continues to the back cover with the tape recordings. It’s one... continue reading→

cover: Thirteen Reasons Why

My Husband the Stranger

by Rebecca Done

I received this review copy sometime last year and I picked it up recently as the plot looked quite interesting. It appeared to have a hint of mystery laden with emotions and topped with love (the perfect recipe for a page-turner I assume). It is a book that is built on a question, ‘What does one do when the man they loved and married, changes overnight?’ Let’s find out. Cover This book by Penguin Publishers... continue reading→

cover: My Husband the Stranger