Things We Lost in Fire

by Mariana Enríquez, translated by Megan McDowell

My determination to read more of regional literature from different countries has lead me to ‘All the things we lost in fire’. This one is a collection of short stories set in Argentina. The book has a whiff of social and political air into the stories. The wave of witch hunting and horror stories has given birth to many of the stories inside. Some of them even talk about the political unrest. The dictatorship has... continue reading→

cover: Things We Lost in Fire

Review Copies

The Beginning and Now

Every reader dreams of a never ending pile of books generously gifted by family, friends, neighbours, co-passengers in trains and drug addicts on the nook of the corner building no one visits! Yes, we are that obsessed. But most of us take the easy way out (or so it seems initially). We start a book review blog. While most of the readers assume that they would receive carton full of books from publishers begging to... continue reading→

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The First Trillionaire

by Sapna Jha, translated by Alok Jha

I’d come across this title back in 2016 when I chanced upon the site about the “Most compelling read of 2016”. When I was one among the winners of the Goodreads Giveaway of this book, I was overjoyed! While I waited for the book, I went through the reviews of the book on Goodreads. At the time of checking, the book had 270 five-star ratings, out of 274. Unbelievable, but true. Sure enough, after some... continue reading→

cover: The First Trillionaire

Zelaldinus, A Masque

by Irwin Allan Sealy

Fatehpur Sikri is a stunning example of city planning which has been inspiration for many architecture students and professionals alike. The set of buildings which were prime inspiration for Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore; never fails to awe you. Fathehpur Sikri was later abandoned due to unavailability of water and thus a whole city was left to whether. A masquerade surrounding this beautiful place, that houses a chequered chess board, where Akbar played with actual... continue reading→

cover: Zelaldinus, A Masque


by David Elliot

I prowl The senseless alleys Of the maze In the darkness And asphyxiating Solitude. There used to be a monster. Half man and half bull. Often ridiculed, he became the face of the evil. Then came a prince who slayed the monster and everyone lived happily ever after. It is quite heard of Greek myth. Goodness triumphs over evil and that’s how a great tale is born which is told over and over to the... continue reading→

cover: Bull

The Spy

by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is best known for his work ‘Alchemist’ where he stylistically infuses fable with philosophy to give out a wonderful piece of literature. But it was after reading ‘Adultery’ that I established my love for his writing. ‘The Spy’ came in at the right moment. The new found love for ‘historical fiction and Paulo Coelho’ seemed like the best treat. Unfortunately, it was one of those times when you get over excited and the... continue reading→

cover: The Spy