Kissing the Demon

by Amrita Kumar

It wasn’t since ‘On writing’ by Stephen King that I read any book on the craft of writing. It is not just for writers but for reviewers too that it is important to understand what goes into writing a good book. A deep understanding of the craft also helps to form your opinion on how a book should be talked about rather that just giving them shallow stars at the end of a shallow review.... continue reading→

cover: Kissing the Demon

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

by Lewis Carroll (Illustrated by John Tenniel)

Alice in Wonderland is a book that is often quoted, made idiom of and has multiple retellings to its credit. It is one of the most loved books amongst those who enjoy reading. It was during my childhood years when ‘A mad tea party’ was a compulsory read in our English course. After years when I again come across the chapter, the memory goes back to the time when I finished the chapter and it... continue reading→

cover: Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

DNF: Saraswati’s Intelligence

by Vamsee Juluri

I was actually looking forward to reading this book and hate myself for DNFing it. I wouldn’t say it is a bad one but just wasn’t for me. It is the story of Hanuman while he is an adolescent. He is a smart boy and everyone loves him. I had a few problems with the narration. Right from the beginning, there is a sense of danger in the book. There is something which is not... continue reading→

cover: DNF: Saraswati’s Intelligence

Maybe the Baby

by Nicole Lourdes Chavez

We have all seen a family who give up on their dog when there is a baby coming into the family. The pets often find it difficult to adjust with someone who comes in to share the love that was solely meant for them before their coming. The same emotion has been portrayed in the picture book here. Cover page The cover is a beautiful illustration of the dogs in the family. The water color... continue reading→

The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad

by Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna came into the spotlight last year when Mrs. Funnybones released her first book of non-fiction. Just a couple of incidents coated with funny remarks and hilarious derivations the book was good enough to make you smile. After reading the book I made a mental note of reading more from her. Not a great fan of the columns, it was a relief when her next book of fictional stories was announced. Fiction I always... continue reading→

The Age of Innocence

by Edith Wharton

It is a novel of intimacy. Intimacy felt in the ruffle of fabric and of passion looking at the lady you are in love with while she is looking away at the waves of the sea. The horse drawn carriages are mere evidence of the era and classism is the notorious ex who will not feel like your own but will not let you be with the woman you are pining for. ‘The Age of... continue reading→