Eight Women Authors Who Have Made Reading Worthwhile

I am a woman. An imperfect but completely fabulous woman. I am me. Agatha Christie Though it was Sir Arthur and Enid Blyton who introduced me to my most loved genre, Agatha Christie is one author who’s books I hoard without thinking twice. Whether it’s Ms. Marple, or Poirot, her writing has you breezing through most of her books. Her writing is simple and easy to understand and keeps one engaged. She sure has a... continue reading→


by Toni Morrison

‘Dearly Beloved’ is what she wanted on the headstone. But ‘Beloved’ is all she got. The price of which was ten minutes of sex with the engraver. Later she thought she might have got ‘Dearly’ too or maybe the entire preaching for twenty minutes or forty. But she managed to get what mattered to most. She was ‘Beloved’ whether anyone one believed it or not. Toni Morrison is the voice of African-American literature. Beloved won... continue reading→

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

by Gabriel García Márquez

After I read Murakami for the first time last year, I gained a renewed interest in magical realism. The hint of magic, the strong emphasis on an unseen power and more such ideas had me enthralled. I went on to hoard some more books by Murakami, and I also went on to buy some books by Gabriel García as he is considered a master in this genre. After much contemplation, I picked up Chronicle of... continue reading→


Finding Juliet

by Toffee

‘Finding Juliet’, as the name suggests is a book about a boy constantly in search for ‘the one’. It makes a good book for when you are bogged down with all the heavy books and want to delve into something light. After a heavy overdose of history, the one felt like a decent pick. It may not be the best of books but it did its job well, gave a good break. Cover page Srishti... continue reading→

finding juliet

The Princess of a Whorehouse: The Story of a Swamp Lotus

by Mayank Sharma

‘The princess of a whore house’ title itself says a lot about the book. This book is about a girl from the whore house. She has seen the worst of the life and is determined to make the best of it even in the most unfavorable situations. Or at least this is how it seemed from the blurb. Unfortunately, the book is not what it looks like from the blurb. It is quite different and... continue reading→

The Princess of a Whorehouse: The Story of a Swamp Lotus by Mayank Sharma

Movie Adaptation: Room (2015)

It was during the times of oscar when I heard about the book. Inspired by true events it was bone chilling to even think that a crime like this could take place somewhere in the world. Woman being kept captive and birthing child in just a room. After a lot of delay I finally purchased a kindle copy of the book. The Book A child of five is the narrator in the book. He is... continue reading→