Five Reading Resolutions for 2017

Since my to-read list is never realised I have made another list of ambitions. It is slightly ( a lot ) different from the regular TBR lists. I have made a list of reading resolutions that I aspire to follow this year. Read a classic a month: Yeah, that! Read more regional authors this year: Ghachar Ghochar turned out to be good. Didnโ€™t it? Discover more regional writing. Read more nonfiction: Remember you enjoy nonfiction.... continue reading→

2016: A Year in Books

2016 has been a great bookish year for me. One of the long lived bookish dreams was realized this year. I got myself a bookshelf. My own exclusive bookshelf! I canโ€™t keep my eyes and hands off it. Itโ€™s beautiful..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Apart from that I have also treaded into a variety of genre. I have come to realize that I do love fairy tales and happy endings. Literally! โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ I read a couple of fairy tales... continue reading→

Alternate Opinion: Bitter Sweet Love

by Michael Faudet

Bitter Sweet Love, as the title suggests different flavors of love as we come across it. The book is a collection of poetry and short stories prodding the many dimensions of love. Some poems are deep and some are very simple. But what I liked the most in the book is short prose. They display a physical and mental escapism which is alluring. โ€˜The Boardwalkโ€™ being my favorite, explores time travel. Other stories display his... continue reading→

The Red Queen

by Philippa Gregory

Margaret Beaufort is an important figure when it comes to the history of Tudors. The weight of reinstalling the Lancaster crown in the kingโ€™s seat comes into her small shoulders. A woman of a great resolve and sole vision to see her son as the king of England drives her slaying all the others on the way. This book by Philippa Gregory explores the queen mother as she might have been. A mix of history... continue reading→

DNF: Colorful Notions (The Roadtrippers 1.0)

by Mohit Goyal

I tried to like this book, I really did! Reading the blurb I was really excited to pick this book up to read. It seemed to have everything I love about life. Travel and food! But sadly the first time I picked this one up I gave up on the 7th page and the second time at 42nd. I will be brief about why I DNFed this book and a short review. Colorful Notions was... continue reading→