Speak Gigantular

by Irenosen Okojie

‘Darkness motivates men, mobilises armies. Use it. You are a warrior. Show me your roar. People are scared of your power, frightened of what you can do with it.’ Irenosen Okojie has a powerful voice which can upturn ships and mellow down racing bulls. The book came to light when it was shortlisted for Jhalak prize. Not too many Goodreads ratings to its credit, readers are really missing out on a great read. The collection... continue reading→

Talking to Ayisha Malik

I loved reading Sophia Khan is not obliged, and it was an absolute joy to have the lady behind the book answer a few questions for us! The book talks about Sophia Khan, a 30 year old single Muslim woman who is looking for the man of her dreams and also penning her book about muslim dating. If you want to know more, read the full review here. About the Author Ayisha is a British... continue reading→

Sophia Khan is Not Obliged

by Ayisha Malik

I got this book in my February box from The Biblio Box, and dived right into it as the theme of the book is relevant to life at the moment, and also because the Author is someone we wanted to cover in this month that celebrates women in all their glory and diversity. Read on to know about this very enjoyable book, and if you want to know more about the Author, click here. Cover... continue reading→


Murder is Easy

by Agatha Christie

I had to pick up a book by the queen because she happens to be one of my most favorite woman author (read more here) and I had to read one by her in this month dedicated to women! I picked Murder is easy just out of whim, and here is what I think of it. Cover The cover is simple, with bright block colors, and an illustration of a car. It has the signature... continue reading→


Eight Women Authors Who Have Made Reading Worthwhile

I am a woman. An imperfect but completely fabulous woman. I am me. Agatha Christie Though it was Sir Arthur and Enid Blyton who introduced me to my most loved genre, Agatha Christie is one author who’s books I hoard without thinking twice. Whether it’s Ms. Marple, or Poirot, her writing has you breezing through most of her books. Her writing is simple and easy to understand and keeps one engaged. She sure has a... continue reading→


by Toni Morrison

‘Dearly Beloved’ is what she wanted on the headstone. But ‘Beloved’ is all she got. The price of which was ten minutes of sex with the engraver. Later she thought she might have got ‘Dearly’ too or maybe the entire preaching for twenty minutes or forty. But she managed to get what mattered to most. She was ‘Beloved’ whether anyone one believed it or not. Toni Morrison is the voice of African-American literature. Beloved won... continue reading→