The Peshwa: The Lion And the Stallion

by Ram Sivasankaran

The epic tale of Bajirao Bhat is worth telling and retelling for generations to come. The name Bajirao and Mastani go hand in hand. But very few people know the tale of the conquests of Bajirao. The man who never lost a battle but surrendered to life towards the end. The author has written a historical fiction of Bajirao’s conquests and how he came about fighting wars. It may entice few readers but maybe not... continue reading→


by Margaret Atwood

As part of celebration of 400 years of Shakespeare, Hogarth classics has started this series where a prominent author is picked to write a retelling of a Shakespeare’s play as we will see it today. Having read only a couple of plays in school by the literary genius, this endeavor gave me an opportunity to delve back into the classic world of Shakespeare, escaping the agony of interpreting his words by myself. Hag-seed is a... continue reading→

Happy belated birthday!

We are a tad late , but here we are! Seems like this month saw the birth of many poetical geniuses. Here are our four favorite masters from the literary world , who we absolutely adore. E.E. Cummings (October 14, 1894) This American poet, painter, essayist, author, and playwright is remembered as an eminent voice of 20th-century English literature. He has written about 2,900 poems; two autobiographical novels; four plays; and several essays. He is... continue reading→

Bitter Sweet Love

by Michael Faudet

Thanks to the internet, the world is a much smaller place, and gives us many opportunities to connect with netizens from across the world. It is a wonderful medium to come across amazing talent, which would either never reach us, or would –very late. Having seen the Poet’s writing on his social media, I always wanted to read more by him. So, when I got the review copy of Bitter Sweet Love, I was simply... continue reading→

A Sister’s Secret - Two Sisters. A Harrowing Secret. One Fight For Justice.

by Debbie Grafham

She was the elder one. She was meant to protect her younger siblings. So when she saw her sister being assaulted by the neighbor she wanted to do everything to keep the offender away from her sister. It was okay that he asked her to take his sister’s place instead. This is a horrifying story of two siblings, everything they went through and the justice that came to them late but still helped. Cover page... continue reading→

Origin One Store - Box Review

I could blame my love for stationery to the fact that I am an Architect. We work with varied mediums of art to convey our designs, so our love for papers, books, pencils, all things artsy is quite natural. So when I heard about a box dedicated to quirky minimalistic stationary, I had to try it! Origin One store is a unique stationary box subscription that caters to people who love stationary and who dig... continue reading→