Movie Adaptation: Cinderella (2015)

Cinderella has been the most known and beloved fairy tale of all times. It is the magic of the godmother and the kind heart of the Cinderella that fills the book with fantasy. The evil step mother is also a part of the tale. An important part. When there is no evil, goodness is not exposed. The movie version of Cinderella is for the first time letting the evil side explain their side of story.... continue reading→

Blog tour- Two Days gone

Randall Silvis

I had the opportunity to review this interesting thriller, and dived into it a few days back.While I absolutely love mysteries, and the kind where the Cop is digging out the truth – this one is more intriguing that the others, for we have a best selling Author and a Cop in the lead! If you love mysteries, and enjoy them as much as I do, go on and give this book a read and... continue reading→


The Lesser Bohemians

by Eimear McBride

There is an abyss between where the thoughts end and the speech begins. The gibberish falls and spats into the nothingness and what comes out is the polished sophistication which mocks at the face of the innocence of purity. The rawness evaporated, the crystal of fine words decorate the papers. The Lesser Bohemians does not crystallize words. It knocks your head around and swallows you into the world where your thoughts come out as raw... continue reading→

Lanka’s Princess

by Kavita Kané

‘Those who love you always find you beautiful.’ Shrupnakha was neither loved nor beautiful. What she was though was a determined woman. This book is a story of Meenakshi who later became Shupranakha. It is the first of its kind that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. Cover page On the cover is the lady herself. She is wearing a lot of gold as befits the princess of Lanka and she is looking over a... continue reading→

DNF: I Love My Love

by Reyna Biddy

This is one of those books which you believe you will love but ultimately you tire of how much time it takes for it to make sense to you. I gave it up in between. I was half way through he book and I gave it up. It was testing my patience a lot which annoyed me towards the end. I love my love is essentially a poetry collection which focuses on your own insecurities,... continue reading→