The Flight

Kamala Das, translated from Malayalam by C.K. Mohammed Ummer

When anything comes up about a village in Kerala, I instantly get transported to my parents’ villages. The misty mornings amidst evergreen trees, the moist, clean air, the quiet with just the birds making all the noise, and all of that good stuff we people just dream about these days. But if someone were to ask me if I’d go back to Kerala to lead the rest of my life there, I’d have to spend... continue reading→

Anything You Might Want

Anjali Sachdeva

Oh, well, this was like a Hollywood movie. It starts with Michael playing with Gina’s hair as he recounts how he ended up owing fifty thousand dollars to her father, a wealthy man who runs a mine. Gina has been showered with everything she’s wanted. She works at a nearby store to earn herself some time from her obnoxious father, who is tough, controlling and what not. He brags about his contract wins at dinner,... continue reading→

Everything Is Far from Here

Cristina Henríquez

This story is again about immigrants but of a different kind. It is not over-qualified Pakistanis looking for their American Dreams Read: Foreign Returned. This story is about immigrants who cross borders to save their lives and then wonder if they could have had a better life had they stayed. A woman walks across the border to save herself and her son from the sure death they would have faced had they not left. On... continue reading→

Feminism is for everybody: passionate politics

by Bell Hooks, Read by Robin Miles

It has been long since I read any nonfiction on the theory of feminism. Where ‘We should all be feminists’ was a very basic few pages introduction to feminism, Bell Hookes here has jotted down for us different ways and different spheres of lives that require one to be feminists. Hookes has been manoeuvred to write a guide to feminism by those who think feminism teaches women to hate men. Hookes has tried to dispel... continue reading→

cover: Feminism is for everybody: passionate politics

Beasts and Children

Amy parker

This particular story, like The size of Things by Samantha Schweblin, is also about child abuse but of a different kind. Recently divorced, Mrs Bowman comes to fetch her son from the school to go on a joyride. She enters the classroom and creates a scene until the teacher has to let go of the child. There are instances when the child is actually wishing her mother everything bad. She embarrasses him. Why did his... continue reading→

Red Glow of the New Moon

Kundanika Kapadia, translated from Gujarati by Sarla Jag Mohan

This one is officially one of my favorites in the anthology. I don’t say it because it’s translated from Gujarati, but because it really is that good. In spite of having spent my entire childhood in Gujarat, I did not get a chance to read Gujarati literature. I didn’t care much about it, but now I might rethink my stand. This story is of a woman who’s in her deathbed, looking at the Neem tree... continue reading→