The Tudors – On Netflix

My journey to history and historical fiction began with the Tudor dynasty. Completely fascinated with the King Henry VIII, I picked up my first book on the dynasty, The Tudor Wife by Emily Purdy. Since then I have read quite a lot about the dynasty. I have not found my favourite book yet which I could recommend to someone but my search is still on. Talking about films I had a chance to watch The Other... continue reading→

cover: The Tudors – On Netflix

Behold, I shine: Narratvies of Kashmir’s Women and Children

by Freny Manecksha

This is my first read from the land known simultaneously as the heaven on earth and the battleground of humanity. This is one of the books that I had intended to read before I visit the place myself. I did get to understand the place but there is nothing in it that I did not know before. Apart from my travel reading aspirations, this book has not fulfilled much. Let me tell you why in... continue reading→

cover: Behold, I shine: Narratvies of Kashmir’s Women and Children

The Black Prince: Expectations vs Reality

Maharaja Duleep Singh was just a boy when his kingship and kingdom was ‘stolen’ away from him. His mother was exiled and he was adopted by an English couple, loyal to the crown. The boy grew up embracing Christian faith and loving the people who took away everything from him. This was the tragedy of the time. Those who raise you as your own hurt you the most. I had read mentions of Raja Ranjit... continue reading→

cover: The Black Prince: Expectations vs Reality

Three Review Copies I’m Excited to Read

Being a consistent blogger has its own perks. I often receive interesting books before their release but there are seldom few which make me want to quit my day job and maybe read for a living, if that is event possible. Here I bring to you three review copies that I look forward to reading in August. A Horse Walks into the Bar It was not a surprise when this book was declared winner of... continue reading→

cover: Three Review Copies I’m Excited to Read

A State of Freedom

by Neel Mukherjee

Freedom is nothing but a comparative. It is addictive. It is exhilarating and once you have tasted it, it’s forever on your lips. There is freedom. And then there is ‘A state of freedom ‘. Something very circumstantial. Some sort of compromise. Neel Mukherjee depicts the difference between the two awfully well in his book of fiction. Cover page The cover page is dreamy. It is a state of freedom painted into a picture. The... continue reading→

cover: A State of Freedom

Reading Bhagat Singh on Juggernaut

One among my past blog posts was about different platforms at which one can find free books to read. Since then I have taken a refuge in paperback. While paperback still remains my favourite type of reading material, I strayed a bit the other day to read a short story on my phone on my way to work. I happened to stumble across an essay by martyr Bhagat Singh on why he is an atheist.... continue reading→

cover: Reading Bhagat Singh on Juggernaut