Northeast Regional

Emma Cline

Parenting is something every human being over fourteen has commented on; whether as the child or the parent. We’ve all had our parents complain about us that we don’t understand them, and we’ve all in turn, as teenagers or otherwise, complained how our parents don’t “get” us. The gap’s ever-existent. I chanced upon this story on New Yorker yesterday. I picked it up for the illustration as well as the title—more like I did not... continue reading→

Flower Hunters

Lauren Groff

I absolutely loved this particular story. It is more of my kind. An escapist woman, who thinks she is in awe with a long dead scientist. She is reading his work currently and believes herself to be unselfishly in love with him. However, she is married. She and her husband are married for 16 years. They are at that stage where they see each other as a blur image and not as people they are... continue reading→

The Vegetarian

by Han Kang

I am guilty of getting this book due to the hype around it in the digital world. It then stayed piled amidst many other unread books, until one day there was a mildew attack and I had to empty the shelves out. That’s how I finally read The Vegetarian at the end of 2017. It is the translated work of the Author. Read on to know what I think of this book. Cover The edition... continue reading→

cover: The Vegetarian

Ma’I Dada- The Man With Three Names

Asad Muhammad Khan, translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon

This story is, again, translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon and is part of collection called ‘The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told’. I have loved each and every story in this particular collection and this one is no different. The story is about this icon of a man called Ma’I Dada who had three different names. As the names were different so were the stories of his lineage. Some thought him to be a... continue reading→

cover: Ma’I Dada- The Man With Three Names

A Happy Story

Helen Garner

He turned 41 that day. He bought himself a car and went to a far off drive. He parked the car under a tree and walked inside an entertainment center to buy two tickets for a band playing that evening. But he has started feeling the weight of his age now. The warm-up bands will be terrible. It’ll hurt my ears. I’ll get bored and spoil it for her. I’ll get bored. I’ll get bored.... continue reading→

Escape from New York

Zadie Smith

Escape from New York is a story set in the time of Apocalypse, when the entire world is fighting. The planes are shut down. There is no way to escape New York other than by road. Three friends—Michael, Elizabeth and Marlon—decide to hire a car and drive away from the madness. They are the rich brats covered in diamonds and talking about books and poetry. “We’re exactly the kinds of sons of bitches who’d make... continue reading→