Author Interview - Ryan Ringbloom on Hooker Heels II

Short review of Hooker Heels Hooker Heels is a story of a woman who is looking for short cuts in life. She does not believe in herself enough to work her way through things. Instead, she sleeps her way through them. Yes, she is a hooker. Kenna does not know any better. But then she meets Zack and everything changes. Zack is a billionaire with a heart which is priceless. She learns about bigger things... continue reading→

The Tudor Wife

by Emily Purdy

Anne Boleyn is a historical character that has astonished me, and I am sure many others. After watching different series and documentaries, I was very much obsessed with the Tudor queens, Anne Boleyn especially. When I came across this book in a recent sale I instantly knew learning about the queens from a lady-in-waiting’s perspective is going to be something else! I started reading this book as soon as I bought it. This is definitely... continue reading→

All the Bright Places

by Jennifer Niven

”All the bright places” is a book that I picked from a bookstore which I frequent to. The bookstore had only one copy of the book left and I picked it up out of impulse. Reminder to myself: check out other places before you buy any book. You may get it for cheaper. The book is probably the best young adult story I have read as yet. Apologies to John green fans in advance. I... continue reading→


by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is one of the authors that I have come to love over the course of reads. “One does not understand his book in the first read,” someone said to me. And there I began reading “The Alchemist” the second time. And it did make some sense finally. Adultery is the second book that I have read by the author and it reminded me of the first time I picked up his book! After... continue reading→

Trash: An Innocent Girl. A Shocking Story of Squalor and Neglect

by Britney Fuller

There are some books that you come across which make you realize how different our world is from few others and theirs from few others more. I came across this book on net galley and it is about a girl who has always been surrounded by trash. Not because she does not have a place to live in, neither because she does not have a family but because her mother was a trash hoarder. Which... continue reading→

Trash: An Innocent Girl. A Shocking Story of Squalor and Neglect  by Britney Fuller

Hold My Hand

by Durjoy Datta

Durjoy datta is one of the authors who has worked his way to the top. One who follows the author can definitely see his progress from a very average writer to a fairly good one. Although he still has a long way to go, he is in a right path. Many know him as a symbol of modern love story writer. He has given hope to the new generation, of finding love and keeping it.... continue reading→

cover: Hold My Hand