Men without Women

by Haruki Murakami, translated from Japanese by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen

Men without Women, as it turns out to be, is my first ever Murakami. I bought a kindle copy of this book in spite of possessing two physical books by the author already. It must have been the steep discount that I did not check the reviews before I bought myself a digital copy of the book. It was tempting as well, I must state. A short story collection that could have supposedly kick started... continue reading→

cover: Men without Women

A Story of a Long-Distance Marriage

by Siddhesh Inamdar

Long distance marriage is not a new concept but a book written about the whole dynamics is definitely a new thing that has come around. I was very excited for the book not just because of the title but also for the cover! This book is the most beautiful cover I have come across so far this year. About the inside, I did enjoy it. Just don’t think I will reread it. Follow Cover page... continue reading→

cover: A Story of a Long-Distance Marriage

Why I am a Hindu

by Shashi Tharoor

Why am I a Hindu? Shashi Tharoor begins with a very obvious explanation to this question that is that he was born into a family that was practising Hindu. ‘Most people have little choice about the faith they grow up with: it was selected for them at birth, by the accident of geography and their parents’ cultural moorings.’ But Tharoor is not a blind believer. In the book he explains the basic philosophy of Hinduism... continue reading→

cover: Why I am a Hindu


by Johanna Spyri

I remember Heidi from my childhood when a cartoon series I used to watch adapted from the book was highly entertaining. At the time I was not aware of the literature it was translated from. As the years passed I wasn’t much inclined to reading the book myself. However, it all changed when I read ‘Black Beauty’ that I ended up adoring! Heidi is from the same publishers I had been raving about in Black... continue reading→

cover: Heidi

Why Willows Weep

Salley Vickers

This one tells us the tale of the trees before humans came into existence. It begins like this: Long ago, when the world was still quite young, the trees and plants rules all living things. I say ‘ruled’ but there was no need then for rules; rather they were caretakers of creation as it emerged out of that obscure and uncharted place from which what is called ‘creation’ emerged. Soon came the birds and the... continue reading→

Scots Pine (A Valediction Forbidding Mourning)

Ali Smith

Ali Smith’s writing has always put me at an awkward position. I love her writing. Not saying I don’t. But I sometimes fear that I am not understanding her well enough! Her thoughts are all over the stories. She is talking in multiple languages in multiple directions. It gets difficult sometimes but I am like a bee and she like a flower. I keep coming back to her and enjoy her writing nevertheless. This particular... continue reading→