Finding Juliet

by Toffee

'Finding Juliet', as the name suggests is a book about a boy constantly in search for 'the one'. It makes a good book for when you are bogged down with all the heavy books and want to delve into something light. After a heavy overdose of history, the one felt like a decent pick. It may not be the best of books but it did its job well, gave a good break. Cover page Srishti publishers have... »

finding juliet

The Princess of a Whorehouse: The Story of a Swamp Lotus

by Mayank Sharma

'The princess of a whore house' title itself says a lot about the book. This book is about a girl from the whore house. She has seen the worst of the life and is determined to make the best of it even in the most unfavorable situations. Or at least this is how it seemed from the blurb. Unfortunately, the book is not what it looks like from the blurb. It is quite different and... »

The Princess of a Whorehouse: The Story of a Swamp Lotus by Mayank Sharma

Movie Adaptation: Room (2015)

It was during the times of oscar when I heard about the book. Inspired by true events it was bone chilling to even think that a crime like this could take place somewhere in the world. Woman being kept captive and birthing child in just a room. After a lot of delay I finally purchased a kindle copy of the book. The Book A child of five is the narrator in the book. He is used to... »

Human Acts

by Han Kang, translated by Deborah Smith

Han Kang stirred the literature world last year with her book 'Vegetarian' which went on to win the Booker prize for fiction. Deborah Smith had translated the book from Korean. While the book is still one of the most sold books, Deborah Smith has gone ahead to translate another book by the same author. 'Human Acts', this time, brings to us the reeking stench of civil war between its pages. Someone has said: the country where... »

Strung with love

Nothing screams love as poetry does. Writing poems expressing love in all its forms is the most human thing to do. From poems that talk about the sensuous high love gives you , to the heart ripping agony that heartache brings – Poetry is almost a synonym of love. I for one absolutely love poetry , as  it is the finest way to channel emotions. One  can truly pour out their heart in these lines... »


The Curse of Mohenjodaro

by Maha Khan Phillips

'There is no God,'he told his shocked family. 'There is no Allah, no Shiva, no Buddha. There are only humans. Humans and more evolved humans. Those of us who are evolved.. Well, we have all the power.' Often he made little sense. And so did the book. There was a constant struggle throughout the story. Historical fiction, thriller and some science fiction, the book intended to be a good mixture of everything but failed epically.... »